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Since 1992 Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ) has been the national body for mountain biking in New Zealand and it is responsible for supporting the development and growth of both competitive and recreational mountain biking.


Mountain Bike New Zealand and Cycling New Zealand work together to grow and develop mountain biking as a sport for New Zealanders, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition.  


As the sports’ volunteer member organisation, MTBNZ represents Clubs and interfaces with them to inform its members. 

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The MTBNZ Executive is made up of volunteer

representatives from across New Zealand, who

are members of Clubs and have a wealth of

knowledge and experience across all things Mountain Bike.   


President              Ryan Hunt (Wellington MTB Club) - XC



Treasurer              Gareth Osmond (MTB Tauranga)


                              *Cycling NZ Schools Representative


Secretary              Kristy Booth ()



General Executive:

                              Jamie Roberts (NMTBC) - Enduro/DH


                              Greg Bouwer (MTB Otago) - Club Affiliation




                             Max Hides (Gravity Canterbury) - Enduro


   Tim Farmer (Rotorua MTB Club) - Marketing & Sponsorship



The Executive meets regularly throughout the year.  

To raise agenda items for consideration, please email

Year: 2023/24

MTBNZ Executive 


Mission Statement

“to support our clubs to encourage all bike riders into the sport mountain bike riding”

Our member Logo

Cycling NZ Logo Landscape REV Mountain B
Our Mission

What we do

MTBNZ is the National Organisation for the Sport of Mountain Biking in New Zealand.


We focus on


  • Encouraging participation in mountain biking and membership to local mountain bike clubs;

  • Building stronger club networks and alliance relationships;

  • Support talent development in all areas of the Sport;

  • Seek opportunities to raise funds to support the Sport;

  • Encourage and support clubs to run or assist in running National level events;

  • Fostering regional collaboration and partnerships to ensure the viability of ongoing advocacy to Cycling NZ and other sporting organisations for the Sport;

  • To build the capability within the MTBNZ Executive to ensure leadership of the Sport at all levels.

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