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Affiliation FAQ's

Why Should My Club Affiliate?

MTBNZ is an entirely volunteer-based organisation that provides advocacy for clubs and racers to Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) and other wider agencies.  The affiliation fee enables that role to occur for our sport in New Zealand. In addition to our core activities, MTBNZ have undertaken a variety of projects with other agencies including: NZ Recreation Association, Mountain Safety Council and Accident Compensation Corporation.

CNZ is the governing body for our sport in New Zealand. Through club affiliation, we gather robust participation and engagement data, which can be used by CNZ to advocate for funding from Sport NZ.

So, by affiliating you are supporting the wider development of our sport.

That’s all very nice but…


What’s in it for Our Club?

In addition to the wider benefits, club specific benefits of affiliation include: Access to robust fit-for-purpose insurance for club activities; Collaboration across affiliated clubs; Development of racers through performance pathways;  Opportunities to be involved in National events; Regular updates including coaching and skills training opportunities, Commissaire courses and much more.

It is also worth noting that both MTBNZ and CNZ have made significant positive changes over recent times and are acutely aware of the need to continue to enhance value for our affiliated club members.

OK, that sounds interesting, so…

What Restricts Affiliation?

MTBNZ will apply the following Criteria to determine if your Club can affiliate:


Criteria One - All Mountain Bike Clubs (or Bicycling Clubs and / or Associate Organisations) are not classed as “Persons Conducting and Employing Organisations” (PCBU) – Persons Conducting and Employing Organisation Members whom receive financial reward cannot be covered by CNZ/MTBNZ Insurance.  A volunteer association is not a PCBU and doesn’t have the duties of a PCBU.  A volunteer association (e.g. a Mountain Bike Club) is a group of volunteers working together, for a community purpose and on a voluntary basis. It does not employ people or officers (nor usually contract them) or allow via its Registered Constitution pecuniary advantage by officers of the organisation. If an organisation is not a volunteer association, it is a PCBU with the same duties as any PCBU.

Criteria Two - All Clubs and Associate Organisations must be Incorporated Societies (and are Active, Not Struck Off) on The Societies Register ).

Criteria Three - All Clubs and Associate Organisations reference in their charter or agree membership to CNZ and MTBNZ in their charter.

Criteria Four - Associate Organisations that only have a primary function to build tracks / trails (aka Trail Trusts), must meet Criteria 1-3, and are only eligible for Insurance Cover from CNZ Brokers that covers the organisation for Track Construction and Building (basic tools).


How Much Will It Cost?

MTBNZ revised its affiliation model in 2016 to improve equity across clubs. We moved away from the fixed flat rate per member structure to a tiered model to achieve this. The cost of affiliation depends on the number of current members in your club as at 31 Dec (or your club year) of the previous year.

  • Tier I: MTB Club 0-59 members – flat fee of $150;

  • Tier II: MTB Club 60-499 members– $5 per Adult / Individual Member or $10 per Family Membership (any combination of memberships) – to a maximum of $1250;

  • Tier III: MTB Club 500+ members – $1,250 + the following for members above the 500 cap:   $1 per Adult / Individual member or; $2 per additional Family Membership (any combination of membership type) – to a maximum payment of $3,500.

Note 1: if the club is primarily a youth club, where it has youth membership solely comprised of under the age of 18 years (or over 18 if still at school in Yr 13) affiliation charges will be applied as above, but student levy fees will be $2.50 for Student financial members above the flat fee < 60 members.

Note 2: a MTBNZ Associate Member (e.g. a non PCBU Trail Trust) pay a Flat fee of $750 per group, must be a member of Trail Fund NZ and understand insurance is for Basic Trail Building Activities ONLY. Also, a trail trust cannot lead/host or get Insurance cover through CNZ for any MTB event, nor can they be sanctioned to run a MTB/CNZ event without partnering with a MTBNz Affiliated MTB Club.

Note 3: CNZ club affiliation costs a flat rate of $225 (Insurance and affiliation) and is in addition to the MTBNZ affiliation outlined above.

Hang on…


Why Do We Have to Join Both MTBNZ and CNZ?

It is important for CNZ and MTBNZ to work collaboratively for the benefit of our sport. CNZ is the funded governing body for our sport and as such provides overarching governance nationally, advocacy roles to Sport NZ and other organisations, communication with UCI, funding for athlete development (such as the MTB Performance Hub) and High-Performance carding for our best Kiwi MTBers supporting them in their goals to race at the highest level on the world stage.

MTBNZ is the volunteer based organisation providing advocacy to CNZ, partnerships with affiliated clubs as well as alliancing opportunities with other relevant organisations. As such, it is useful for both entities to work supportively of each other.

With that in mind, from 2016 it was a requirement for all MTB clubs to join both MTBNZ and CNZ for affiliation.

So, there’s a tiered affiliation system and two organisations for one affiliation…


Why Is It So Complicated?

We are mindful that the current affiliation process seems complicated, but so is our club make up. We continue to work with CNZ and our affiliated club members to streamline this process.

We strongly believe in communicating openly with our clubs and welcome you to contact either Gareth Osmond (Affililiation Lead & Treasurer) or Ryan Hunt (President) to discuss any questions you have further.


MTBNZ Treasurer – Gareth Osmond – email

MTBNZ - President – Ryan Hunt - email

MTBNZ Secretary – Kristy Booth - email -

Fee Structure
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