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New Zealand MTB

Trail Codes and Guidelines

Mountain Bike Trail Grading & Code


MTBNZ first published the MTBers Code and Trail Grades in the early 2000's. This National code below has revised the first publication. It is endorsed by DOC, Walking Access NZ, Mountain Safety Council and Biosecurity NZ.


MTBNZ Encourage clubs and MTB parks to follow this format for signage and information and use the NZ Trail Design and Construction Guidelines for all trail constuction activities. 


NZ Trail Design and Construction Guidelines


Recreation Aotearoa (RA) have coordinated a project that started in 2015, initially led by ACC with the aim of producing New Zealand Trail Design and Construction guidelines.

Discrepancies in Mountain bike trail grading around NZ are common. In a lot of cases this has resulted in a really unsatisfying user experience and even injuries.

These guidelines will go some way towards addressing that problem.


The guidelines can be used in different ways - some organisations will use them as a tool for checking the grade of existing tracks. For others they will be utilised by volunteers when building new tracks.


Larger organisations are encouraged to use them as a specification for commercial trail building contracts.

DoC, TrailFund, MTBNZ and ACC (among others) contributed to and endorsed these guidelines.


They can be down loaded Here.

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