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Club Affiliation Process

In 2016 Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ) and Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) agreed an integrated membership model, which enabled NZ Cycling and bike clubs to comply with the UCI affiliation / membership requirements. 


This is now reflected in the MTBNZ constitution, which provides for a cascade membership model, where MTB clubs affiliate to MTBNZ (as the Member Organisation), and they are in turn affiliated to Cycling New Zealand. 


This means that all members of affiliated MTB clubs are part of the National Federation.  As a result, all MTB clubs are covered by comprehensive insurance for all club activities including events. See insurance details here.

As part of MTBNZ's agreement with CNZ, we need to report on various aspects of membership.  To make this easier, we have teamed up with HivePass, an innovative MTB club membership platform.  We encourage your club to check them out!

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